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We are the Winn's!  Both Michael and Sarah Winn grew up in the rural farming community of Pittsford, Michigan.  Growing up on a farm gave both of them an opportunity to be around and love on a number of different animals.  Michael was familiarized with breeding through his mother, who bred Lhasa Apso puppies during his youth.  

    One day, six years ago, Michael and Sarah adopted Lola, the cream color Goldendoodle.  Michael and Sarah quickly fell in love and decided to start breeding Lola so their kids could experience the same fun and love they could give and receive from raising puppies.  

     Lola is planned to have her last litter in July, 2020.  She has had 4 amazing litters to date, ranging from 6 to 10 puppies.  Lola was the mother to Lucy, our chocolate female Goldendoodle.  

     Lucy is now three years old and she had her first litter on May 5th.  Lucy is the daughter of Lola and Basil (pictured in photo gallery).  Lucy has an amazing, fun loving personality and she enjoys running zoomies in the yard with her mom, Lola!

     Michael and Sarah raise their puppies with their 7 year old son, Austin, and their 9 year old son, Logan.  Austin and Logan give the puppies plenty of handling and play time so their ready and acclimated to young children when they enter your home.  We do our best to socialize our puppies as often as possible before they're adopted.

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