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Reserve Information

Listed below is all of the information you need to know regarding how to reserve one of our wonderful and loving puppies!

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How to reserve!

1. Sign up to be a member of our page! 

-We want to obtain your information so we can keep track of our new puppy owners.

2. Contact us and ask any and all questions you have about the litter or the breed.  We're happy to help!

3. Click on the .doc or .pdf version of our puppy reserve contract and complete the contract below!

4. Once your contract is complete, please email it to us at  We will review your contract and get back with you to discuss the available litters and reservations.

5. If you're approved, and a puppy is available, we will discuss how to make your $250 deposit to reserve your puppy.

6. Once your deposit is made, you'll be added to the reservation list on the Upcoming Litters Page under the corresponding litter.

Puppy Reserve Contract

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