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Lucy and Dodger's puppies were born 11/16/2020!  They will be ready for their new homes around January 11th, 2021!  

Below is our reserve list for Lucy and Dodgers November 2020 Litter! This will be Lucy's second litter. Her first litter only included 4 puppies. We do expect more but we've left room for 6 reserve spots until we can get an xray and possibly confirm more. The first spot for female and males is held for the time being but might become released at a later date.

The reserve deposit is $250 and the first step is to go to our website,, and complete the reserve contract. Email the contract to Once it's received, I will sign it and send it back. The reserve list won't be updated until the reserve deposit is received. You can place the deposit via Venmo or Paypal. The deposit is refundable if the sex of the puppy you picked is unavailable, but it is not refundable based on your color selection.

Adoption fee and what's included:
1. Males are $1400
2. Females are $1500
3. Any Parti Color is $1600 (rare).

Your adoption fee includes the first vet visit, deworming medicine(usually 3 doses), CKC paperwork, Full breeding rights, and a one year health guarantee.

Our adoption contract, which is signed when you pick up your puppy, will outline all of the information above.


1. Stuart Smyth - Cream color 10/20/2020. (NC)
2. Cathy Moore 11/06/2020
3.  Adrian Hamlett Duerr - 11/19/2020

1. Kimberly Turner - Chocolate 10/4/2020
2. Johnny Riera - 10/9/2020
3. Jimmy Coleman - 11/18/2020

4. Amy Sullivan - 12/5/2020

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